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Prayer Assembly
Everyday the teaching work in the college begins with the prayer assembly. After prayer, the  teachers of the college,
by  turn, give  short  talks  about various topics as news review,   literature,  book  review,   new scientific  inventions,  
different festivals, educational news etc.

After prayer, Spining  for  15  minutes  for  the  trainees  and  the  teachers  is  a  must.

Practical Lessons & Observation work
The trainees go  to  different  schools  for  practice  teaching.  In  the  First  Year They undergo  micro-teaching. After  
the  micro-teaching  the  trainees  start  going  to 10 primary  schools  in  this  area. They are required to follow all the
rules and regulations of the schools  they  are  attached  with.

Use of Computer
From 1999-2000, a  new  syllabus based on minimum levels of learning is introduced. So teaching  of new vocations
is under way. The  trainees are given special  training to teach through  Computer  &  Information  Technology  using  

Production of Teaching Learning Materials (T.L.M.)
From 1999-2000, a  new syllabus based on minimum levels of learning is introduced. So teaching  of  new vocations
is under way. The trainees prepare 4 T.L.M.(Teaching Learning Material)  during  a  year.

Internship Programme
The 10 Days  internship  programme  is conducted for the first year trainees and 20  Days internship  programme  is
conducted for the second year  trainees  in the beginning  and  end  of  the academic year. The  trainee take up  total
teaching  work  in  the  school. The  objective  behind  internship  programme  is  to  develop  academic  as  well  as  
administrative skills of the trainees. Saxardip  programme  arranged  by Governmet  of  Gujarat  is  an  integral  part  
of the  internship  programme.

Co-curriculum Activites
To cultivate their writing skills, power of  imagination, acquision of knowledge etc., the trainees write bulletin boards,  
wall papers etc. They write therein good lines of poetry, sayings and  proverbs, thought for the day, news  and views  

Celebration of festivals
Many festivals,  national  as  well  as  religious  are  celebrated  in  the  college inculcating in the trainees the spirit of  
democratic  secularism  and  the  values  thereof.

Extension Services
The training provides educational extension services to 10 primary schools in this area. To improve the professional
abilities and skills of the teachers in these schools,lectures  by the experienced experts are arrangad by the college.  
To give them insight into the modern  teaching   techniques  model  lessons  are  arranged  and discussions  follow  
the  lessons.

Tours and excursions
Tours  have  a great  educative  potential. To  make  the  trainees  know  their  country  and  region  better, tours are
arranged   taking   them  to places  of  historical,  religious, environmental  and  developemental  importance. In this
way they are better equipped for their  future  job.