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Computer has  influenced  our  life  so  much  that  our age  is  rightly  called   "The Computer  Age". The  
Computer  is  a wonderful invention  of  our  time.
From  1999 - 2000,  a new  syllabus  based   on   Minimum  Level  of  Learning  isintroduced. So computer
base learning is introduce in syllabus of P.T.C.
The  trainees  prepare a  lesson with the help of Computer  as  a  part of their modern  teaching  techniques.
Necessary  training to make such E-Lesson  is given to the  trainees in the college and the trainees  prepare
such E-Lesson as prescribed for them during their training of Second Year P.T.C.

Example  of  E-Lesson  is  given below :
Standard : 7
Subject : Science and Techqnology
Unit : Sajivo Ma Anukulan
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E - Lesson