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Name and Address of the Institute
Adhyapan Mandir - Bochasan
Vallabh Vidyalay
Ta. Borsad, Dist. Anand  388140
Gujarat (India)
Contact No: (02696) 286883
E-mail : ptc_bochasan@yahoo.co.in

Name and Address of the Principal
Balvantsinh M. Chavda
Vallabh Vidyalay
Ta. Borsad, Dist. Anand  388140
Gujarat (India)
Contact No: (02696) 286878

Date of Establishment
June 15,1964

Date of Recognization by NCTE
February 17,1998

Name of the Course
Primary Teacher’s Training Certificate Course

Intake Approved
50 students(Only for boys)

Duration of Course
                                                 2 years                                                    
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The  principal  objective  of  Vallabh  Vidyalaya  has  been  to render  rural service  and  to  achieve  total  development of the
students of the backward communities.The primary teachers could be considerd to be providers  of rural services  for all  time,
and  to  provide them proper training for teaching  as  well  as rural service, a basic teachers’ training college was started.       
After independence, a great  change was occuring   in    the   field   of  education. The Government started to introduce  basic
education  in  the primary schools and the syllabus of the primary schools  was duly modified introducing  udyog as a  subject  
in that  syllabus.This  change  necessitated  to  train  the primary teachers and educational inspectors of different  categories.
The Government selected Vallabh Vidyalaya as a centre of such training in Gujarat Training classes for the primary  teachers  
and  inspectors  were  started  at  Vallabh Vidyalaya. In those  classes the trainees were to be given training  in spinning  and  
weaving.  Moreover,  they had to be trained to  discard  all  sorts of discriminatory  practices,  to wash their clothes and dishes
themselves, to create  new  relationship  of  equality  and  fraternity. Keeping this  in  view, no servant or cook  was  employed  
in  their  service  whatsoever. In  the beginning  this  type of rigorous  schedule  pricked  many  of  the  trainees. Some of them
were  inclined  to  go  away  leaving  the  class. But Shri Shivabhai’s goodwill  and loving treatment ultimately removed all their  
misgivings  and  they could  not  leave. The duration of  the  training  was three months,  at  the  end  of  which  a  new  batch  
joined. In  this way total 3,463 teachers and inspectors received training in the Vidyalaya.
In 1952, while unveiling   Sardar  Vallabhbhai  Patel’s  statue  in  the   Vidyalaya,  Shri Morarjibhai  Desai  had announced that
a basic teachers’ training  college ashould  be started in Vallabh Vidyalaya at proper time. Accordingly the college was started
in 1965.