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Vallabh Vidyalaya acquired  its  existence out of the Indian Freedom Movement. As such, the spirit of patriotism and  devotion  
to  the  nation  are   the  basic  ideals  of the institution. Whenever  need   arose  during  the freedom struggle,  the staff  and  
the  students  of  the Vidyalaya  had  made  their  contribution  in full  measure.  Now-a-days,  when  the  institution has grown
into a multi-farious organisation, it is interesting to know how its  different  sections function individually as well as collectively.

Basic School ( Kumar Mandir) :
Vallabh Vidyalaya  started  its education with this section comprising Std. V to VII. Hence this section is the first  and the oldest
one of  the institution.It started functioning in 1931. In those years the  British authorities used to grant recognition to schools,  
but  this  Vidyalaya  was started  as  a  rural  centre  of  Gujarat  Vidyapith, and  hence  there was no question of getting such

Post Basic School ( Vinay Mandir ) :
While working in the basic school, it was observed that while studying at that stage a student acquired the basic virtues of  life  
like devotion to work, self-reliance, honesty,punctuality, responsibility, dutifulness, spirit of social service etc., but after leaving
the Vidyalaya, when  he  joins an  ordinary high school for further study  or  takes  to  some job, the same student loses those
virtues sooner  or  later.  So.  It  was  felt  that, if  the  student  lives  in  the  Chhatralaya (Hostel) yet for a longer period, those
virtues may  be firmly in his life and  become more lasting. In such a scenario, it was felt  needful  to start further classes.Than
“Seva Samaj” decided to  finance  the  post  basic  school. As such, std.  VII  was  started  in  June 1961, by Gujarat Vidyapith.
By opening the higher standard every year, the  school  became a full-fledged high school in 1964, teaching upto std. XI

Higher Post Basic School ( Uchhatar Vinay Mandir) :
In 1975-76, the  Gujarat  Government  implemented  the scheme of 10+2 system in secondary education. As  a result,  Std. XI  
in  the  post  basic  school  was  discontinued  and the higher section of +2 was started with Std. XI followed by Std. XII the next

Primary Teachers Training College ( Adhyapan Mandir ) :
The principal object of Vallabh  Vidyalaya has  been  to  render rural service and to achieve total development of the students
of the backward communities. The primary teachers could be considered  to be providers of  rural  services  for  all time,  and  
to  provide  them proper training for teaching as well as rural service, a basic teachers’ training college was started.

Primary School ( Bal Shala ) :
From the very inception  of Vallabh Vidyalaya, the school was started for Std. V to VII. The children of the staff and the people
living around could not go to school for I to IV standards, as the village  school  was  far, and  hence  remained illiterate. So, in
1952-53 he found out through 4 surveys that  if  the  lower classes  were  started, 23 children would be enrolled in June, 1953
I to III standards were started in the open varendah.

Shri Shivabhai G. Patel Post Basic School for Girls, Bhalel :
Shri  Shivabhai  firmly  believed  that  the  education of  the  girls  was  very  vital  for  the  progress  of the society. One of the
objective  of Gujarat Vidyapith also was to spread education of the girls.So Shri Shivabhai directed his efforts into that sphere.
The  Government  of  Gujarat consented to provide scholarship  to the girls  in  this  school. Kheda  District  Panchayat, some
other Taluka Panchayat, old students of  Vallabh  Vidyalay and the staff also agreed  to  give financial  help.  Thus, collective  
cooperation of many individuals, government  and  non-government  agencies led to he establishment of the post basic  girls’  
school  at the village Bhalel where 12 farmers sold their sixteen and half bighs  of  land at a very affordable price to house the
school there.

Goshala :
Shri Gangaben was given from Gandhi  Asram, Ahmedabad,  a cow of  good breed, “ Jamna”and Gandhiji advised her to  look
after  that cow. That cow was brought to the Vidyalaya  and  the Goshala was started.  Vallabh  Vidyalaya  has  become   self-
sufficient in milk supply on account  of this Goshala, and simultaneously  the practical training of the students is  well arranged
helping them to acquire skills in various processes.
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